Sunday, July 05, 2009

flax and colza


Just sharing some amazing sights of today. The photos just don't do them justice, unfortunately, but they can stir some imagination of its irl awesomeness.


These fields of magical flax blueness and stunning colza yellowness were simply... gorgeous.


I'm pretty sure they're signs of a very good week to come ~



DD said...

I like very much the word Colza in portuguese-brazilian: Girassol (Gira-Spin Sol-Sun= Spinsun) Very beautiful word.
But I prefer the word Flax in english (in brazilian-portuguese is Linho). Linho its Ok, but Flax is funny! (sure, after I consultate the dictionary to know what Flax is). DD Brazil

Per Stromsjo said...

I rarely get those heavenly, summery fields right but you do. Well captured, as always.

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Amazing... If the photos don't do them justice, they must really have been something.

Poppy Q said...

Ohhh I love fields of flowers. Ther is always something magical about the big carpets of colour.

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos Pia.

DD said...

I make a mistake: Colza is not a Girassol. In Brazilian-Portuguese, Colza is........Colza :) DD

Anonymous said...

Oh, such beauty. I agree with Per, "Well captured".


Forever Feline said...


Titania said...

The flowering fields are stunning and I can imagine summer's fragrance.Tiny insects flicking from flower to flower..

Pia K said...

DD, in Swedish "flax" is called "lin" both in a field like this and after it has been turned in to "linen". "Flax" however means "wing flap" in Swedish. Yes, languages are fun:)

Thanks, Per, for those kind words!

Thanks, afos, yes they were. I always find that if the light isn't perfect for photography the pictures rarely come out just as nature intended, either too colourful or not nearly as colourful as reality was. I stoically resist too much PS...:)

Thanks, Poppy Q, I totally agree, flower carpets are magical!

Thanks, Paz and Forever Feline:)

Thanks, Titania!

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