Wednesday, July 01, 2009

random photos athens, III

Befittingly, in this heat - as far as us Swedes, Northerners are concerned of course - here are a some more photos from Athens. And the omnipresent question in this case being; why isn't warm/hot weather nearly as difficult/sticky to deal with when abroad compared to at home?


Military parades and procedures like these evzones at the monument of the unknown soldier are so. not. my. cup. of. tea. Ever.


The dog's point of view of the whole fuss.
I can relate.


This quite obviously isn't the Stockholm underground. This impressive one is clean, pretty and with trains running as scheduled.


Frappe, with a taste which can be described as cold, burnt coffee made with dishwater. Once, never again.


Colourful and quaint in Monastiraki.

Old meets new in Monastiraki.


In the backstreets of Monastiraki, oh if more scaffoldings could be covered in such wonderful fabrics!


These guys played some enchantingly lovely music in Monastiraki.


A whole lot of clothes going on despite the obvious heat.


A Swede in Athens, Carl Larsson painting on a sign for what I presume is a restaurant...


One of many picturesque churches.


The shining exception to the rule of crap vegetarian food in Athens, this salad with marinated mushrooms, halloumi, mixed fresh vegetables and sesame seed breadsticks was quite, quite lovely in all its simplicity.


A glimpse of the controversial new Acropolis museum.
And a very blue Beetle.
Under an orange tree.


Acropolis at night.

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DD said...

Wow! Ancient greeks knew Beetles, and they make a race whith the one of the competitions in the old olimpics. DD from Brazil

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, well I don't know about that, DD...:)

DD said...

You dont know?? But if you take a archeologist photo proof this....send now to History Channel! DD

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Wonderful tour, pictures and great captions.

Pia K said...

DD - :)

Thanks for those kind words, Titania!

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