Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the let them eat cake cake


This is what became of some of the fine looking blueberries - my first properly baking of a vegan cake. Recipe from brilliant "PopCo", an almond-lemon cake with a lovable name alone. Easy to make it turned out rather sweet in texture but unfortunately the ingredient I had most trouble in getting hold on, orange flower water, gave it a quite unpleasant perfumey tang of after shave.

I will definitely bake the cake again, but needless to say, omit that water from the recipe. A few spoonfuls of fruit liqueur or punsch would probably be a nice flavour addition instead.



heidikins said...



Ingrid said...

that looks absolutely delicious! :)

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Well, despite your reservations about the orange flower water (was it a little off?), the cake looks as pretty as a picture, and the texture looks absolutely spot on. A fine sweet treat for a summer's afternoon.

Anonymous said...

A vegan cake? Very nice! You did a great job.


Pia K said...

looks can deceive, heidikins;)

thanks, ingrid, unfortunately it wasn't really, but next time...:)

i hadn't sniffed on orangeflower water until i bought this bottle, afos, i can't really tell if it's off, it just smelled very after shavey to me... i didn't thought it would taste like that though. sigh. but other than that, will try again!

thanks, paz!

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