Tuesday, December 29, 2009

aussie anti-frizz haircare

I may love snow and cold winters (today I even experienced -20 C, that was a long time ago but with a wonderful winter sun and no winds it was rather a nice meet), but I don't love the dry air and what it does to skin and hair.

To use a good facial cream for winter weather and body lotion for dry skin usually does the trick for skin. But I haven't found any suitable products to beat the frizzy winter hair that comes from cap-wearing and dry air though. And even if I'm fond of sweet smelly lotions and potions I usually want the hair- and skincare daily routine to be a quick fix. Hence I demand a lot of action from a limited amount of actors.

Almost one year ago one of my for many years favourite hair care range was launched in Sweden, Aussie. Now it is time for their anti-frizz range to be introduced, sometime early 2010. I had just begun using the bottle with the dual personality anti-frizz + conditioning milk I bought last year when I was offered to try out the whole range.


Even if I really love many of the Aussie products the for years in vain search for decent anti-frizz products, and the above bottle though of heavenly scent very less than impressed me with its anti-frizz and conditioning properties, I didn't have too much hope for this range.

As mentioned I also like to keep haircare short and sweet ie shampoo, conditioner, one styling product and now and then hairpak. Thus 6 products to keep the dreaded frizz away, nah... - M thought the difference between four and six products isn't much to grump about, but me I am of a different view -, plus I'm very much not a fan of the Aussie 3 minute miracle cure or serums of any sort (the latter usually being ridiculously expensive stuff with no visible effect as far as I'm concerned).

Anyway, to not sound too gnarly and ungrateful, I am happy to be trying this stuff out. Really.

And as Aussie shampoo and conditioner are always useful and usually great, I began using the frizz miracle conditioner. Which contains Australian blue gum leaves and has a pale blue colour. And doesn't smell nearly as grand as the favourite miracle moist conditioner. I would go as far as to say the scent not so faintly reminds me of cat pee. Which granted very much can be due to my nose being overly sensitive to said smell after many years of litter box cleaning. So never mind that bit.

Instead mind the fact that I have been most pleasantly semi-surprised with the experience that only the use of above conditioner teamed up with above mentioned conditioning milk actually does leave my hair without frizziness. And the hair of undersigned is a hair very proned to frizz all year round and even more so during this Scandinavian winter season. So huzzah to that!

What I think of the 3 minute frizz remedy deep treatment and the dual personality curl definition + soft feel serum remains to be seen, or possibly read. At least the conditioner and the conditioning milk work magic together. And that alone is more than enough for me and my hair, thus they get all hairs up from me. Or rather every hair in its right place.


Lola Nova said...

I am the queen of frizz my dear, shall have to try this out :)

pärlbesatt said...

För frissigt hår och en massa andra hår- och hårbottensbekymmer är min första rekommendation BALSAMMETODEN.

Jag hade trasig och kliande hårbotten, elektriskt, torrt och glanslöst hår, och har aldrig haft så fint hår som nu sen jag blev balsammetodist. Faktiskt.

Det låter som om jag var utsänd av nån sekt, men det har varit makalöst bra.

Och min lillkorv som alltid hade tovor har också hår som hon kan kamma igenom med fingrarna och som är spegelblankt nu.

Så ta en titt inne på lockig.se eller naturallycurly (tror jag amerrkanska sidan heter), det är det värt!

Poppy Q said...

I get the frizzies too, but we don't have that brand here. I am constantly trying new shampoo and conditioner combos to see if I can sort it out.

Like you, I am a bit annoyed at all the lotions and postions that get offered, when really I just want one thing to try and style my hair with.

So good luck Miss Pia, and Happy New Year!!

Robert said...

Pia there should have been at least 3 photos of you in this blog post so that we could properly judge the frizziness of your hair :)

Lisbeth said...

What a coincidence - I just returned from London with three Aussie bottles in my pack! I haven't tried the brand out before so am happy to hear from you that it might have been a great investment of my last 10 pounds :)

Pia K said...

do that, alex, and they're so affordable in the states too! *envious*;)

tack och lov har jag inga dylika problem (peppar, peppar), pärlbesatt, men jag har hört om metoden. har även en kompis som testade, jo det fungerade men hon upplevde håret som platt och saknade den där rena-rena känslan man får av schampo... ja, smaken är som baken och håret likaså;)

thanks, julie and the same to you! i hope you will get hold of a bottle or two of this one day, being reasonably close to australia i wonder why you don't have the brand in nz...

*lol*, rob, shouldn't think so no;)

i'm sure you'll be happy with them, lisbeth! let me know:) i hope you got the conditioner with macademia nut... mmm.

Lisbeth said...

I did indeed get the macademia nut conditioner, and have now tried it out and is super happy with it.
Must make trip to the UK a regular occurrence so I can maintain a stash .. oh well, the things one must put up with :D

Pia K said...

glad you liked it, lisbeth! and well, for those days one may concider it being worth paying a bit more for the conditioner than splashing out on a plane ticket it's at least available her now too;)

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