Monday, December 14, 2009

december 14th - baking interrupted


Today I had advanced plans of ginger snaps baking. Plans are meant to change said one of the furry inspectors and decided the baking sheet on kitchen counter was the perfect place for contemplation and scouting of premises.

And who am I to disagree. Instead of baking I had some lovely hours with a ball of thick wool-alpaca yarn in lovely hues and needles. After all this knitting of socks and such lately and very thin needles it's hard to grasp how quickly a project can go from start to finish. When daylight comes again, there will be photos of end result. For now, enjoy the skein ~



Lisbeth said...

Wonderful colours!

Lola Nova said...

That yarn is gorgeous! It is quite understandable that baking was interrupted, why just now I was headed to cut some fabric and found the Buddha cat ensconced in said fabric with no notion of moving any time soon. Ah well.

Poppy Q said...

The yarn is lovely and I wonder what you are making with it?

Aww look at that precious cat, I think she just wanted to help you out.

Pia K said...

i know, lisbeth, just irresistable! i chose between this colour and another. i was so pleased with the quck and very satisfying end result that i got the other one later...:)

ah, cats are the best and they know it, alex...;)

the she is actually a he, julie...;) but yes, helpful as always he is. the yarn has already turened into something that will appear in a blog near here soon.

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