Monday, December 21, 2009

december 21st - winter solstice


Winter solstice will be greeted and quietly celebrated with breakfast including a bottle of my favourite organic juice from Saltå Kvarn, grapefruit.

Then I will enjoy the snow that still surrounds us here. And think of the hours of daylight slowly getting longer again. Little by little each day from now on.

~ * ~ Happy Winter solstice * ~ *



numberwitch said...

Happy Solstice Pia,

Health & happiness to you in the months ahead.

Lola Nova said...

Happy Solstice!

I love that puppy photo!! So sweet!

Pia K said...

better very late than never guys, thanks so much for stopping by, numberwitch and alex, wishing a happy winter solstice *she says way past the summer solstice...*

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