Wednesday, December 16, 2009

december 16th - reflectors


Say hallo to a few of my current reflecting friends.

One important accessory this dark time of the year in Sweden is the reflector. Essentially lifesaving and affordable I do enjoy the fact that they come in so many different shapes, designs and colours (not at all when I was a child and the shapes were pretty much a circle, a snowflake and possibly a heart).

As reflectors are perishable goods you have to exchange them now and then, plus of course have them attached to every coat, handbag, dog's collar, pram and so forth. The lower the placement the more visible for drivers.


Gen said...

Lovely reflectors Pia - I like the Hello Kitty and all the animal ones best. I´ve been following your blog for a couple of weeks and I love it!

pärlbesatt said...

Själv gjorde jag en muff i självlysande pärlor och tänkte ha som reflex, men insåg att det nog inte funkar, den lyser ju i mörkret, inte när den belyses... :/

Och så har jag tänkt och tänkt på dina turmaliner. Eller turmaliner och dig och grön-rosa kombo. For what it's worth. :)

Poppy Q said...

I have never seen reflectors before. I guess it must get pretty dark there? They would have been great when I lived in London and it was dark at 3pm. Even in the depth of winter, we still usually have enough light in the early evening, so we are usually ok.

Have a nice week Miss Pia. Keep warm and toasty.

Julie and Poppy Q

Pia K said...

hi gen, i'm glad you like it here in blog! yes, my favs are the animal ones too. when i had downloaded this pic i realised that i missed a green hen reflector from both pic and irl. must have dropped that one in the snow, won't be visible until snow melts i guess, poor thing...:/

ja en muff är säkert bra på många vis, pärlbesatt, men kanske just inte som reflex, i den pärlbesatta formen ialla fall...;)

for me it sounds strange not to have reflectors, julie, we have them on everything, some all year around attached to cars, bikes and workers clothes etc (not like the ones above of course, but still essential) and loads of these in winter.

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