Wednesday, December 02, 2009

december 2nd - winter afternoon


-7 degrees C, crisp air, glorious sun, far from always, but sometimes it's very easy to love Stockholm. On an early December afternoon it was a gilded city on water.



A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Pia
Such wonderful photos! Your beautiful city looks like a fairy tale land - I'd love to see it in winter time. But -7degrees - ouch! That sounds very cold indeed!
Wishing you much happiness and joyful anticipation, this Advent time
D xx

Wendy said...

I love Stockholm in all weathers but when it's cold and crisp like this, I think that's my favourite time.
Adore your city.

PurestGreen said...

What sharp, gorgeous photos! It was crisp and cold in Scotland over the weekend as well and I enjoyed taking photos with the bright blue sky in the background. Sure beats the constant parade of clouds we often get here.

stromsjo said...

Given the amount of daylight at this time of year it had better be rather early in the afternoon but that first photo in particular is simply wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Pia!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the city looks like a fairytale city. Wonderful photos. I love the reflections in the water.


Poppy Q said...

How beautiful Miss Pia, but a bit chilly!! Keep warm and toasty.

Anonymous said...

I visited Stockholm for the first time in October & enjoyed weather just like this. Your photographs have made me smile & remember how much I want to come back to your beautiful city.

Numberwitch x

Pia K said...

thanks, denise! it's strange how cold -7C sounds/feels these days, when a child temperatures -20-30C weren't that unusual and no problem at all to cope with and play outdoors in for hours and hours. i've become such a softie since and when true cold hits it's nasty (but pretty).

glad to give you a glimpse of a city you adore, wendy:) yes cold, crisp autumn/winter days are quite, quite good here. i always feel it must be really good to be a tourist off season in stockholm. well, any city really come to think of it:)

thanks, purest green! one measly glimpse of the sun and blue skies and it feels essential to grab camera these days!

thanks, per! between 14-15 i think it was.

thanks, paz, yes it was the reflections that caught my attention. i saw them from the subway train going over the nearby bridge and had to capture them...:)

thanks, poppy q!

numberwitch, thanks, glad you enjoyed your first visit and welcome back:) off season is such a great time to go exploring a new city i think.

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