Tuesday, December 22, 2009

december 22nd - boxing day

I got a lovely package the other day. Myself I still contemplate exactly what I like best about the sweet content of said box. Not so the cats.

Box itself gets all paws up and then some
by every furminator around.
Every cardboard box nook and cranny offer endless interest.
As well as the perfect, cosy place to sleep.
Who cares when there's a grand box available.
There's nothing like a bit of quality spent alone in one.


Poppy Q said...

What a great box, it looks like super fun.

Hawk and Weasel said...

Oh, just WHAT IS THAT THING with cats and boxes?

Sapphire said...

OH that is so cute! I bet they had a ball!

Gen said...

I bought a new printer + scanner in September and the box stays in the living room as Nicky,one of my cats, has decided that it´s a nice place for a cat nap.

Titania said...

How appropriate for the lovelies.

beth said...

I'm so glad they enjoyed it!!!

Pia K said...

poppy q, yes it is, in so many ways!

i knooow, hawk and weasel, a very long essay could be written about the subject:)

ha, ha, yes they did and still are, sapphire:)

gen, when they (cats) see one (box) they certainly take possesion of it asap!

indeed it is, titania.

sure did, beth! and yes the other gifts for xmas was very much appreciated by them too...:)

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