Sunday, December 20, 2009

december 20th - books


Lately I haven't felt inclined or focused enough to read as much as I usually like (have) to when life is more in tune. That lack of reading makes me sad so I hope it will change soon - that I have finished writing all Christmas cards, run out of yarn (well, that's so not a possibility) and the good influence of a red calendar may also play parts in me getting my reading mojo back - soon. Especially with some new wordly lovelies I felt appropriate to order in time for Christmas.

Some books from already favourite authors, some I found intriguing reading the cover (or just liking the cover design...), some recommended from fellow bloggers (thanks! I hope, I better wait with gratefulness until books are read perhaps...). Now which book(s) to begin with from this eightsome...

:: Helen DeWitt - The Last Samurai. Recommendation. Reading about it, at first glance it seems like a mix of Murakami's "Kafka on the Shore" and poor Bertie's life in the 44 Scotland Street-series. I'm sure it will prove capable of standing on it's own literary feet though.

:: M. Ann Jacoby - Life after genius. Recommendation. The story seems like a blend of "The Secret History" (Donna Tartt) and the wonderful "Special Topics in Calamity Physics" (Marisha Pessl). Be as that may, the story about a boy genius who suddenly turns his back to the world of academics instead embarks on his new life as a furniture seller / embalmer sounds quite special anyway.

:: Alexander McCall Smith - Love over Scotland. As I'm just finishing the second in the delightful 44 Scotland Street-series I might as well throw myself into the third right away...

:: Herta Müller - Herztier (swe 'Hjärtdjur', eng 'The Land of Green Plums'). My first book by the 2009 Nobel Prize in literature winner. It's about 200 pages, seems like a good place to start exploring her writing.

:: Jed Rubenfeld - The Interpretation of Murder. I liked the cover, I liked the unusual crime novel story set in 1909 New York, a murder and a visiting Sigmund Freud.

:: Scarlett Thomas - Dead Clever and Going Out. Two more novels from favourite writer. Somehow I doubt they'll be as mindblowingly brilliant as "The End of Mr. Y" or "PopCo" but they will surely be great reads in their own way.

:: Rachel Zadoki - Gem Squash Tokoloshe. I liked the book title, I liked the cover, the story about a girl growing up in rural parts of South Africa in the 1980ies seems both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Have you read anyone of these books? Any thoughts?


pärlbesatt said...

Ja, här passar det bra att säga att NU kan du titta in hos mig! :)

Och så hoppas jag naturligtvis att The Last Samurai ska vara tillfyllest, på nåt sätt. Liksom de andra så klart, men dem känner jag inget personligt ansvar för att du ska gilla... ;)

Poppy Q said...

I like the sound of Life after Genius, and haven't read any of them, so I look forward to hearing what you think.

I have a big pile of books too, and look forward to having some days off to sit in the sun and read them.

Merry Christmas Miss Pia.

Julie and Poppy Q

Pia K said...

tack för de vänliga orden, pärlbesatt (om min blogg i din blogg alltså:)

jo då, jag har kommit en bit på väg i 'samurajen', den är både underhållande och lite knepig, trevlig och en smula jobbig. så det går inte så fort, eller blir så många sidor åt gången. men den känns bra, och i vissa lägen väldigt bra. hoppas på att vara en smula (i alla fall) bättre människa när jag når dess sista blad. inga små krav där inte;)

i do hope you had some grand days of reading in the sun during the holidays, julie!

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