Tuesday, December 15, 2009

from fortune to unfortunate, but looks ain't everything


A while ago I was the fortunate recipient of a tea related blog give away. The package I recieved contained a sweet cup and saucer, teabags from one of my favourite tea merchants, Taylors of Harrogate, and a teapot shaped cookie cutter (thank you kind Xtiand!).


As Swedish as ginger snaps may be, they aren't my favourite to neither ate nor bake (but I do love the Christmassy wintry smell of them baking). However such a fine cookie cutter needs work and with a roll of dough from favourite café - bakery Gamla Enskede Bageri, what can go wrong? So from baking interrupted, ginger snaps where to be baked!


I'm still not sure what and why it did go so horribly wrong, but terribly so it went. The ginger snaps that went into oven (after the dought being of the uttermost un-cooperative kind) looked disturbed, the scent of baking smelled more borderline rancid than Christmassy, and the snaps that appeared after some time in oven looked like distressed hobbledehoys. Maybe the birds would like?

But I did the brave thing and tasted a little piece. It tasted alright. More than alright, rather nice actually. Spicy and not too sweet, way better than the average supermarket stuff and a lot better than most ginger snap things found in bakeries. They may look very unfortunate, but the tastebuds give all thumbs up. And look, some snaps actually do look like teapots (the cookie cutter was great).


Next time I may make the dough by self and from scratch. Because who am I to deny cookie cutter it's life mission.


PurestGreen said...

Just dunk those biscuits in the tea and all shall be well. What a lovely gift. You still a long winter ahead to try out other recipes as well. Any excuse for tea and biscuits...

P.K said...

The biscuits do have a rustic appeal. Thankfully they are edible.

Pia K said...

and so i did, purestgreen, didn't try any more gingersnaps recipe during winter, but *sniff* too soon it's that time again...:/

ha, ha, "rustic appeal", that's spot on, p.k!

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