Friday, December 18, 2009

december 18th - dots

At a date prior to the recent lovely snowfall one dotty tummy Siri (aka pansy inspector and so forth) said to undersigned - 'now wouldn't it be just peachy if we could show off our respective splendid dots in one photo and publish it in blog so everyone could see how much fun we have in this house of ours?'

And as I do quite fancy one particular dotty dress (from always reliable, top favourite clothing brand of mine, NoaNoa) which is very much ginger snaps season stylish auntie Brown in looks and as I am a sucker for sweetface meowing I couldn't resist.


I would have liked to wear something less rustic than old wellies on feet, but weather permitted nothing else. Besides, the jewel of this picture is of course the very lovable dotty tummy attached to a very excited kitty than oozes with pride and not the least bit prejudice in the middle of photo (unless you hadn't noticed).

Have the best of a swinging good weekend!

Greetings from the Dotty Tummy Gals of Stockholm, Sweden


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