Wednesday, December 30, 2009

cover girl, miss january and miss july


Last year I was so proud of having one photo chosen for the municipality's environmental calendar, I Miss August.

This year a person of less self composure and humble nature *hrm* would probably get all giddy overflowing of self importance and illusions of grandeur. In such a case I fear there might even be some very big heads exploding, a messy affair indeed that would be.

But as I am not such a silly person I will just peacefully, full of composure and with dignified manners hereby announce that this year, for the calender of 2010, I can not only boas... proudly present myself as the Miss behind the cover photo - and one very perky loaf doggie extraordinaire being the very cover boy 2010, with a photo from September previous year. He on the other hand is rather full of himself, being such a celebrity amongst the dogs in this particular suburb now - as well as

Miss January (from last year) and
Miss July (at Öråker)

The prize this year was really rather lovely (oh no, alas no monetary reward);


tea towels, shopping bag and a wee carved in juniper wood butter knife (the thing Swedish children all had to make in woodwork class in school and delight all parents and relatives with at birthdays and christmases) with the sweet King's Meadow lily (fritillaria).


Which happens to be the Swedish province flower of the Uppland province as well as the name of the suburb where the photos are taken. A fine little gesture that was, says Cover Girl, Miss January and Miss July. And woof you kindly from one Cover Boy ~



heidikins said...

Can you please teach me how to take gorgeous pictures? Seriously...I love your photos. Love.


A Bun Can Dance said...

Ooh how exciting! Congratulations to you for such recongition!! Though I'm not in the least bit surprised as your photos are always wonderful.
Enjoy your celebrity!!
Denise x

Lisbeth said...

Congratuations Pia - and thank you for the link to Kungsängen; I will definately make a note of this place for future spring/summer trips.

Pia K said...

ah, well thank you for such a sweet comment, heidikins:)

thank you, thank you, denise! oh i will indeed enjoy...;)

thanks, lisbeth. a nice little outing this is, i'm sure you will enjoy the rural scenery!

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