Thursday, December 24, 2009

december 24th - christmas


On this last day of my self-imposed Christmas-calender style one-blogpost-a-day (to get my writing mojo back) I wish every caring, kind and well-deserving soul of any specie a wonderful Christmas.

May it be filled with warmth, love, kindness and good food ~


Poppy Q said...

What a sweet little frosty bird. I have never thought about birds in Sweden, how do they keep warm and survive the winter? What a great photo Miss Pia.

Merry Christmas, and we hope it is full of family, friends, fur and feasting.

Your kiwi friends,
Julie and Poppy Q

Helena said...

God jul till dig oxå oxå tusen tack
för alla underbara saker du hade med dig till mig, Me love..
Vilken underbar bild.

Its Time to Live said...

Great photo - Merry Christmas!

P.K said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
What a cute bird! Lovely photo. Have a happy holiday.

day spa lover said...

love that photo,little bird so cute.
merry xmas

Pia K said...

thank you, julie and poppy! most birds migrate to the south in autumn, winter. some stay on (by mistake due to climate changes or they're accustomed to the nordic climate) and endure the winter. many people feed them during these harsh months, but i think that sadly many wee birds die too.

tack, helena! roligt att du uppskattade dem och hoppas din julhelg var finfin!

thanks, it's time to live, i hope you had a fine one too!

thanks so much, p.k!

thanks you, day spa lover!

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