Tuesday, December 08, 2009

december 8th - finds


Happened to walk by a table with this children's room dated wall hanging while at favourite (moo chair) charity shop past weekend. Irresistibly silly and cute it jumped straight into my shopping basket (really). Reminds me of something I could have (but didn't have) when I was little.

Its size makes it perfect as a small curtain at the terrace door. At least over Christmas, after that I'm still pondering about the perfect place to hang it.


This case style shelf I spotted in a bric-a-brac shop some months ago. I've always loved that kind of case and it has been on my mind a lot ever since. Last weekend we happened to be in the vicinity, popped in shop, had a look, it was still there. And at reduced price. So home it came with me.

I have plans for it. It will not be repainted - I imagine its previous life might have been in a small hotel as a holder of keys and messages, I adore its lived-in look as a holder of important matters and possible secrets - but it will still be about lots of colours and textures...


This tin can came to live with me again thanks to the same 'spring cleaning' that brought trolls. I remember this from when I was little. It might have contained cookies at one time. But what I really love about it are the bright colours and most of all the perky looking folklore babusjka ladies. No matter content it's a happy jar.



P.K said...

Excellent finds. I love the children's banner!

Lola Nova said...

I love all your finds! That shelf is amazing, it makes me imagine all the possibilities.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Oh what treasures you have found! All with such possibilities too. I hope you will show us the shelves when you finally decide how best to use them.
As for the tin and wall hanging - I just ADORE any children's stuff from the 70s!
D x

Jacqueline said...

Great finds Pia :)

pärlbesatt said...

Oh vilket fint skåp/hylla!! Avis jag blir, men samtidigt glad för din skull.

Min salig far gjorde en gång en hylla till mina 44 kryddburkar (jag lagade mycket indiskt då, och allt från grunden), men den hyllan går inte att få upp för väggarna är så dumborrade här.

Fast din hylla är ännu finare. Ojoj. Lycka.

Pia K said...

thanks, p.k!

thanks, alex, yes i know, it's such a treasure!

thanks, denise, oh yes, of course there will be a shelf appearing in blog once i've gotten it all spruced and in use...:)

thanks, jacqueline.

tack, pärlbesatt, så glad att jag till slut hade möjlighet att slå till! oj, vilken ambitiös matlagning, låter fantastiskt gott. indiskt är ju kanon när det är lagat på rätt sätt. en av mina bästa, om inte DEN bästa, måltider var just indiskt, på en restaurang i stratford i england på 90-talet. oh la la... gotteligott:)

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