Saturday, April 30, 2011

walpurgis night


Today is "Valborgsmässoafton" as we say in Sweden, or Walpurgis Night as others might say. Rather a big thing celebrated here, with bonfires and drunkeness. Not really my idea of fun or cup of tea. Not even if I wouldn't suffer from current bolster brain. And all the little animals living in those bonfire piles, hedgehogs and alikes, how many of them will have perished in flames. A feast with bitter aftertaste indeed.

So I stick to my little nearby world of what made me happy today. The discovering of all this bud promise in garden - just a short peek out there, no pottering, far too cold for that. Oh the irony, when the notoriously capricious month of April, which has been surprisingly warm this year, turns into May, then it gets chilly again. Hopefully only briefly -


When the tulips, many of them already out of bloom from one day to the other, oh how quickly nature turns, there will be lilacs,


my little cluster of King's meadow lilies (Fritillaria), nothing like the fields but sweet just the same, and the peonies.


Oh, there will be a serious feast for the eyes and the olfactory senses in a few weeks. And that, that make me happy on Walpurgis night.

Have a lovely one, enjoy, spend it wisely and kindly ~


Kea said...

You're flowers are so lovely! Here the tulips have just started to bloom within the past week or so--it's been a colder than normal April for most of us in Canada.

I really hope the little creatures in the bonfire piles are able to scurry to safety! (You do have the most interesting celebrations--and names for such!)

The Elephant's Child said...

The garden looks magnficent. And as if it will smell that way too.
Thank you.

Pia K said...

thanks, kea and elephant's child!

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