Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a cowl and a scarf


This is winter, this most pink woolly woolliest of cowls - in the same yarn as the beanie that has kept me warm a lot of wintry days these past few months - which finally has buttons attached to it, will now go into summer hibernation (yes there is such a thing) and wait its inauguration until next winter. It'll be a warm and perky addition to the winter wardrobe.


But now it's spring and as silly as it may seem, this green scarf was made in 2009 already, but despite the lovely yarn itself I always felt it missed something something. Thus it has been biding its proper time in a box alongside other half-finished yarny projects.


Now it has buttons and a fringe. Not to mention colour matching bobbaloos. Which is quite essential of course.

And since you asked, no the bobbaloos aren't of my own making (alas, I'm only a crazy addict admirer of them) but of amazing felt artist Kit Lane.



Felis said...

Definitely buttons and a fringe are gorgeous decision! Lucky wearing!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Both are so pretty, will be perfect for their seasons.

Right now I want to wallow in Spring, though, not think ahead to the cold months. :-)

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