Monday, March 19, 2012

two kinds of red graters


In Swedish the word "rivjärn" means both "grater", "rasper" as well as a fiery woman who stands firm and debate well. Someone just like the Moomin's Little My. I'm not sure it's an applicable expression in English too, but I couldn't resist calling this post just that.

To the left we have the fiery woman kind of "rivjärn" - a spatula I got as a gift. Actually for Christmas, but then with the actual Moomin print. I waved it around a bit, like one tends to do with spatulas you know, and it broke in two pieces. Bohoo, gift giver had to return it and get a new one, this time I got the Little My print on it instead. Much more befitting of course. I have waved it around too and she hasn't acted silly and broke. Plus, even if I'm granted not a fan of silicone kitchen utensils, she really is a good little thing for scraping out that last batter from a bowl compared to my previous spatulas.


But I have to say, to the right we have a little impulse buy, it was the mini grater from Jo!e that turned out to be the best graters of these two, in this case of grating. Just today I was most most pleasantly surprised by it when I semi-panicked in realising I had forgotten to by a new garlic press - as my old one broke in the weirdest of ways a while back - and chopping tiny pieces of garlic for fajitas really isn't very nice. And the dish was already cooking. I rummaged through the kitchen drawer for a small grater when I came to think of this new gadget I got for basically grating cheese or chocolate. And it seriously rocked! It has a very comfortable handle, grated the Solo garlic easy peasy and is supereasy to clean.

Just like the fabulous strawberry stem gem this little piece is just a perfect little thing to have in the kitchen. From now on quite indispensible I'd imagine. And I'll skip looking for a new garlic press, who needs that when you have a perfect little red grater for the work.

of course no I, unfortunately, see all sorts of neat, must have gadgets in the Jo!e shop, all very perky, cute and quite affordable. Like a yolky egg separator, a piggy wiggy little whisk, Mr. Potato masher, lemon fresh pod, bagel knife - which will in its turn be a perfect excuse to make bagels regularly - and slicer with guard for example.

How about you, do you have any little, simple gadget(s) in your kitchen that you treasure a bit more than the others?


DahnStarr said...

A cherry pitter! Many years ago when I was married to Husband #1 his Grandmother passed away. When the family was cleaning out the house they asked if there was anything of hers that I would like. They were all quite thrilled (you could read it on their faces) when I said I wanted her cherry pitter! Trust me, I got a deal.

Elephant's Child said...

How I love Little My. I have a very dear friend who reminds me of her. Lots.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Could I borrow the spatula and the grater? I know a 7-year old boy's butt that needs to have a walloping (the terrible, mouthy child next door to me).

Mind you, they're too cute for that. :-)

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