Monday, March 26, 2012

one day after the waffle day

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Yesterday the Daylight saving coincided with the Waffle Day (Våffeldagen) in Sweden. Yes it is awesome that we have such a day - like with Fat Tuesday and Cinnamon Bun Day etc - and yes we did have waffles, but not very nice ones. Thus I won't be writing any praise about the waffles per se, but more muse a bit about the weather. The weather on Waffle Day, March 25, these past six years. Since blogging is not only good for the soul, sharing, therapeutical and so forth, but also a great way to remember the weather.

The weather is the weather, being weather and in general I'm not very interested in it, in case it isn't very atypical for the season, which it tends to be more and more of course. Sadly so. But I've found it quite amusing these past few years, how people keep complaining about having crappy, rainy Swedish summers when in fact they've been overall rather gorgeous, albeit a bit too warm for my liking, but no way near complainable due to rainy. Thus my only conclusion is that people like to complain. And if they can't complain about something really tangible and real, the poor (only figuratively of course) weather gets the blame. End of side note.

So here it is -

2007 - the waffles were great and so was the weather, amazing really. I wore shorts and we sat on the terrace having tea and waffles. Not the least bit snow in sight.

2008 - freezing snow, icy streets...

2009 - I'm sure the waffles were great, but I can't remember the weather, if it had been shorts and sun I think I'd remembered though

2010 - had fantastic almond waffles, must remind myself to make them again, soon, but the weather was snowy and cold

2011 - the waffles were good but the snow was falling

This year the weather was definitely more like 2007 than the rest of the other wintry Waffle Days. Blue skies, sunshine, perhaps not shorts weather, but still lovely. I hope the weather sticks. And I'm thinking I should make an effort and make some nicer waffles next weekend instead.

Have a good week,
the last of March,
another month has flown past!

filmstaden portvaktsstugan


DahnStarr said...

Hummm, you may not have thought the waffles were very good but the Bobs still sure look interested!

Unknown said...

Yes, the waffles do at least look interesting, and yes what is life without interest. I always marvel at how people complain about the weather. The weather is one of those things that we have the least control over. Must just be human nature....if you don't like the weather, move, or go on vacation! LOL

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