Tuesday, March 20, 2012

happy vernal equinox ~

shoe per diem homestyleee

Finally, spring, at least according to the calendar,
you are most welcome vernal equinox!

Fingers crossed and hopefully there won't be any nasty, longlasting snowfall coming, one never knows... But for some weeks now the days have just kept getting lighter, brighter so quickly and it's such a lovely relief after all those dark, glum months.

I hope you've had, are having, will have a lovely equinox day,
and by all means, treat yourself to something special and nice ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

Oh, yes, happy Spring! My favourite time of the year, a glorious, wonder-full season. :-)

I had a cookie, that was my treat. Not nearly as interesting as your wonderful shoes, and of course a zillion calories to burn off now.

Felis said...

I really hate how weather is changing! Global Warming!!! Before 3 days snowing, today can stay without jacket outside?! Where did the spring gone?

Unknown said...

The first day of spring in England has been perfect. Lots of sunshine and birdsong. Rain is forcast for tomorrow and we really do need it but I am grateful for today.

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