Sunday, March 18, 2012

little birds and teacups


I favourite so many sweet things on Etsy - who doesn't? - but I rarely buy things there these days - well, apart from bobbaloos that is, obviously - but whenever one needs something small, pretty, not available in every chainstore to fit in a little parcel, Etsy is the place to go.


When I got these two pairs of ear-posts for the upcoming Easter eggs I also got myself the bird quartet hairclips. You never get too old for hairclips, right? Right. And I really should make an effort to have different hairstyles - what's the point of having long hair and wanting it even longer if you don't have different dos? - and with the no-hat season pretty much already here I'm all out of excuses for not making a regular effort with that.

How about you, do you find it easy to change your hairstyle or do you stick to the same rut?
Is it because your lazy or because you really enjoy it that way?
Do you have any favourite hair-dos, braids, ponytails or something completely different?
And have you found something really nice on Etsy hairwise that you'd like to share?


These cuties in teacup and bird-mood comefrom Layla Amber on Etsy. She has all sorts of cute things in her shop, but admittedly I'm especially smitten by her tiny birdies.

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

Those birds are just enchanting.

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