Thursday, March 08, 2012

on women's day 2012


Just like a year ago one can only ascertain that nothing much has happened, sadly predictably so, as far as gender and any other equalities goes. Women are as much human as any man, but in large parts of the world they're still treated as very less than so.

And feminism's only objective is of course, as usual and still, equal rights, same power, same salary - it's just common sense. Just too bad there's so little of that sense around.


In this household today there were cakes baked by yours truly, one batter, three tins, cakes suitable for all sizes, genders and colours. Because in this little world of ours we do actually believe in equal rights and non-specieism and act as we believe - everyone deserves a piece of their own cake, as always served with a heart.



Elephant's Child said...

I love the cakes for all.

And mourn the absence of common sense.

Anonymous said...

Happy Women's day!

Felis said...

It have many things that are misunderstood things in my country (like animal rights), but feminism is not from them. Of course have primate men who think that they are better, but that is only in their head, not in social system. Consequence of the difficulty of our historical past.

I hate how in english "man" and "man" are same word?! That confuse me, I use "people" or "humans", but never "man", is unacceptable! And so different in my language.

But sad is that we have contrary problem, JK Rowling speak about that in her interview for her women characters, if you choose to be housewife, (like Molly Weasley), everyone thinks that you missed something and your life is not complete. It's so wrong and sad about them! I can't imagine this world when your job define who you are?!

And the emancipation here is very ugly, the celebrity women impose a model of the women-sexual object, not interested of anything, using men and throw them away, go to next. That disgusts me!!! The woman have to be loved, to be fragile and protected like Bella. Or to be smart and independent like Hermione.

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