Sunday, March 04, 2012

a march tea giveaway


The two newly arrived rather special and a tad quirkier than usual bobbaloos thought it would be quite appropriate to have another tea giveaway - in celebration of their arrival perhaps, but more in celebration of March, of spring, of lighter days. And who am I to say no to such a demand suggestion? It has after all been a while since last. So I got two bags filled with lovely flavourful teas of Swedish origin, well at least the flavours are, and all you have to do to win one of the bags is to

leave a comment in this post and tell me what your one most favourite thing about spring is (and I wouldn't be the least bit sad if you told be what your favourite tea is too of course) - last day of entry will be March 15


The tea in the red bag is a wonderful winter-ish flavour from classic Stockholm bakery/café Vete-Katten ('The Wheat Cat') called Vete-Kattenblandning (the Vete-Katten signature tea-blend).

The tea in the white bag is from the sweet Swedish tea company Kränku from island Gotland, their classic blend Guteblandning (Gute means 'Gotlander') with hints of anise and citrus. Oh, I'm sure you'll love any of the flavours.



Erica said...

I just love your bobbaloo photos! How many sprightly little 'loos do you have now?

My favorite thing about spring are the flowers! One of many favorites, of course.

eclairre said...

I love all the flowers in bloom and butterflies :)

Angella said...

Only "one" most favorite spring thing? Oh dear, there are so many!!! Runners up include: days slowly getting longer, tree branches with swollen buds, bright rain showers that radiate the green landscape, splashes of bloom color in the most unexpected places, bugs, baby animals, the return of sandals and short sleeves. I think the top of my list is the sun...I miss it so much in winter.

The new Bobs are so cute...I can wholeheartedly blame you for my addiction. :)

Elephant's Child said...

Spring (six months away) is such an invigorating time as differing green foliage unfurls. The first of the jonquils and daffodils and tulips are cause for celebration too. And we have a truly beautiful crab apple which heralds spring as well.

Elena Vo said...

Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
My favorite thing about the spring is the sunshine and the random bunny rabbits we find in our backyard!

Elena V

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Pia

What I love about Spring is: reading outside, taking long walks and yes~all the beautiful flowers. It is a very happy time for me!

Tracy :)

DahnStarr said...

(Tried to post yesterday but Blogger didn't like me then!) I love having the doors and windows open so that the old winter smells can leave and springtime can fill the house! Also a big fan of spring cleaning. Have hopes of painting the living/dining/kitchen area this season.

ikkinlala said...

It's a tough choice, but my favourite thing about spring is eating truly fresh food again... I can't wait for rhubarb and asparagus!

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Karin said...

I am really enjoying your blog and have only just discovered it via Anne's Food blog. Great photos and lots of inspiration.

My favourite thing about Spring is all the new life and rebirth, baby animals, flowers and fresh foods. It always feels more like new years to me with all the new beginnings and possibilities.

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