Tuesday, March 27, 2012

on a random march tuesday


On a random March Tuesday I find that the banana-recycled silk scarf is nearly finished - it needs trimming and primming, but still, another yarn-project with a short finishing time from yarn-purchase to a complete garment. And by saying that I have of course put myself under pressure to finish it for sure. I have an idea how I want it, but I think the idea needs a bit of mulling. In the meantime I am actually knitting on the tulip sweater. 2012 needs to be the year this sweater gets completed.

Nearly finished scarf is proudly presented by the two naked bobbaloos, Bumley and Jaybird. Who also got to sport their nudity alongside a freshly baked lemon cake on this random March Tuesday. And there were crocuses.


And kittens. The most adorable pair of kittens got to have a their first venture out in garden, which was both an exciting and scary thing, the wind, the grass, the mud, the sounds, the birds, the smells - and the annoying photographer calling for attention and posing. Really.


More Ztina and Zigne later this week. I just felt a little glimpse of their current three months old adorableness were called for, alongside perky scarf, naked bobbaloos, lemon cake and crocuses. On this random March Tuesday.


Felis said...

How fast they grow up! Sweeties!

Angella said...

I have never seen such perfect kitten eyes to match perfect kitten coats. They are gorgeous!

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