Thursday, March 01, 2012

the time of ms march


Time for Miss March to make her appearance on the municipality inhabitants' walls.


And quite soon-ish it's possible to enjoy fika outdoors.
Snowdrops already appearing.
Oh, I do hope the snow will continue to melt melt melt away now.



Unknown said...

I just noticed that my hyacinth is starting to bloom today too... Spring has sprung!

DahnStarr said...

We got eight inch of snow last night and it is back at it again. Wet snow that is melting fast and we need it!

Elephant's Child said...

Love the snowdrops and the loaf dog.

Felis said...

I like march very much:)! March 1st is is one of most gorgeous holidays here, it's from oldest traditions, and is for sharing wish for happiness and health. March 2nd is holiday in my family. And March 3rd is one of both biggest national holidays. So let's celebrate :) !

But I envy you small for the snowdrops :). I don't believe that I will say this, but yes I'm tired from the winter. My garden still sleep under snow :( .

Heather said...

Scrolling through this morning, I saw your snowdrop photo and my 4 year old noticed them - Hey! Snowdrops! Just like we have in the front yard!

Yes, I reply. I guess Pia has some, too!

Whose Pia? ...and now Amelia is a fan of "Pia in Sweden" as well.

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