Friday, March 09, 2012

life is like a bowl of yarn


If you're lucky its brimming with colourful hanks in lovely textures.
If you're even luckier the yarn is accompanied by a bunch of bobbaloos of course.


This current yarn basket is filled with a) yellow Lovikka yarn - I was so happy when I spotted it in a nearby yarn shop since I've been looking for the yellow yarn for quite some time now - it'll become another pair of Lovikka mittens, first one pair for myself and then another one made to order. It'll be a nice thing to finish for Easter, my favourite holiday, but despite it's very yellowness the very woolly inauguration will naturally not be until next winter season.


Then there's b) smaller skeins are actually recycled banana-silk yarn - it's a fantastic material, silky, smooth yet rugged, if that makes any sense. I stumbled over it in a sale basket in another yarn shop, it was the the green one that caught my eye but of course I had to get some more to be able to create something special. I'm glad I found the orange and yellow ones too. They'll all be a perfect thing to turn into something after I've finished the mittens - see, if I say stuff like that in blog I need to finish projects too. I'm not just a hopeless starter of yarn- and fabric-projects, I can finish them too. Promise.


Plus c) the little hank that seems all lost in there with all its perky woolly company. It really can't compete in awesomeness. But it'll make a nice pair of wristwarmers I think.

I'm going to wrap up the project this weekend.
Then I'm going to hopefully finish something old.
And start knitting something new.

Wishing you a lovely, restful weekend,
hoping your's filled with bright yarn and bobbaloos too ~


Felis said...

Well I still envy because never translate cool knitting book on my language :).
But that you haven't heard before for this vampire knitting book surprise me. Can I tempt you with proposal for your future bowl of yarn, that I guess will interest you.

Lovely weekend, Pia!

Elephant's Child said...

Have a wonderful weekend. How can you not with glorious yarns and even more glorious bobbaloos to share it with.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Love those cheery photos.

I have lots of colourful yarn around, I'm trying to knit one cat blanket a week for the year, to donate to the shelter from which I adopted my boys. Not sure I'll actually get 52 done, I'm only on #15. A long way to go!

But I've never heard of banana silk wool, wow.

It will be fun to see your creations. :-)

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