Wednesday, March 07, 2012

recent randomness

spring prettiness

Putting in a lot of time working this last week of the project, hence even less time for blogging than usual these past six weeks. That said, here are a few snippets of recent randomness. And even if it was hellishly cold winds in Stockholm today, the sun shone yet again and it's very obvious spring is definitely on its way for sure (fingers crossed, touch wood etc).

first outing for bun and crumpet, guided by miffwinkle, is soon over. home sweet bobbaloo home.

Bobbaloo outing

lions flee market vaxholm

A favourite flee market - charity shop revisited

hade varit än mer fynd om pocket, men ändå...!

One of the books I picked up at said flee market - charity shop. It wouldn't have been even better if in pocket, but still a Julian Fellowes book, squeee!

pink and red lady on a bench

A pink lady and a red lady on a bench, chatting away in the early spring sun

winered boots

If there's a discontinued 60% sale on fabulous shoes and boots and you've had a recent name day which soMeone forgot there might me a pair of boots in it for me

this board contains one of the best vegetarian meals i've had in a long time...

This board holds one of the best vegetarian meals I've had in a long time (more of later)

little red cat

A little red cat named Zigne

bobbaloos fika

Fika with bobbaloos

loaf dog

Somewhere under all that shaggy fur there is a loaf dog. Promise.

det här måste nog bli ett vårprojekt #twitterjunta

This would make quite a neat spring crocheting project...

Bright blue skies

#vegolunch chevre-macka, äppelmust, rabarberyoghurt från fabrique stenugnsbageri

Working lunch - one could do with more of these, wouldn't you agree?

vampire knitting #twitterjunta

Apparently there's something like vampire knitting, who knew?

amy's cafe

Pretty café, Amy's Café

pretty edgy essie

It is the time of Pretty Edgy, Essie again

And that was the recent randomness of my life. I hope your week is a good one, that the sun is shining and benevolent winds are blowing your way.

And hey, don't forget to enter the tea giveaway ~


Elephant's Child said...

Zigne takes my breath away. Thank you.

Felis said...

It's not fair, I want, I want, I WANT, this magazine about vampire knitting!!! Of course I know about it, too expensive and is not translated... :( :( :( WHY???

I adore vampires literature! Is there something about Twilight or scarf that Somerhalder is wearing in episode? I still can not afford to buy Harry Potter knitting book, cost almost my monthly income.

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