Sunday, March 11, 2012

the red end of project treat


So today was the final day of the project I've been working on for six weeks, it's been fun, illuminating, exhausting and hard work in a way one really wouldn't expect. There may be some finishing touches to it yet, but all and all, today was the last day of original project. And sometime during March it'll go public.

I promised to show and tell what I did or didn't get for myself as a well-done gift, so here it is, in all it's predictableness. It's red. And it comes in a pair.


*Jeez how many shoes does a gal need, really?!* Well, apparently quite a few. There are a lot of things I don't spend money on, obviously shoes does not fall into that category. I've been drolling over this red pair of ART boots - same style as the purple birthday shoes, which I will show and tell more about when heel issue will allow of course - since before Christmas, they were on online sale, then they were sold out. Which was *tad* disappointing.


But as faith would have it, they appeared again in an online sale just recently in a new shape with these crazy woolly flowers - the first pair had red buttons only - and even if I would have preferred the first style I could always remove the flowers... So I went for them.

Turned out upon their arrival the crazy flower adornment made them even more pretty darn special for marking a pretty darn special occasion, the finishing of the first proper Prosit-project. So they'll stay on boots.


A quirky pair of red bootines I've only ever tried on so far, weather haven't been good enough and given the special heels I do prefer the winter streets still full of gravels being spring cleaned before I walk in them outdoors. Until then, they do a swell job marking the occasion and being rather swoonworthy to simply look at, wouldn't you agree?


The bobbaloos certainly think so, but then again they have impeccible taste for red racing shoes and flowery things. Which certainly always is a good trinity on earth, red, shoes, flowers. And something special to welcome spring with, in.


pärlbesatt said...

Vilka söta! Grattis till att du hade skäl att treata dig själv! :) (Det har jag med, dock inga pengar. Men men. En fika skulle man ju kunna treata sig med, gemensamt, framgent? :))

heidikins said...

Mmmm, i do love me a pair of red shoes! Congrats on finishing your big project!


Elephant's Child said...

All good. Finishing the project, the booty present and the bobbaloos.

Unknown said...

A pair of great red boots, for a "Red-Letter" day!
You can never have too much footwear!
There needs to be one pair for each occasion and/or the embellishment of each outfit!
Congratulations on both!

Felis said...

Congrats about finishing of the project!
I read that red will bring luck in the year of dragon.

Unknown said...


Clipping Path said...

Wow so beautiful and fantastic shoes it is, i want to buy this shoes. Thanks a lot for sharing !!

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