Monday, October 29, 2012

a day in the world, the book

and i'm in it!

remember may 15, when everyone all around the world was invited to take and upload their view of their world to the site?

- if i wasn't writing this in the blogger app i'd include lots of neat links in this post, that will have to wait until i'm at the computer done! -

now photos from all over the world have been chosen to be part of the book, a day in the world. one of my photos is a part of the book. probably the photo i'd least expected would be chosen, thus my pride is mixed with giggles, ah the silliness.

for now the book is published in nine countries; australia, canada, finland, ireland, norway, spain, sweden, united kingdom and usa. - again sorry for the not linking right now, but google is your friend or so i've heard. fixed!

over 100 000 photos submitted, 1000 have been chosen for the book by an international jury.

i'm sure it's a spectacular and thoughtprovoking book, with or without my participation.


Angella said...

Congratulations!! So we can say "we knew her when..."
Have enjoyed, truly, another day of past post reading. :)

Elephant's Child said...

Congratulations from here as well.

Unknown said...

Famous or the case may be...LOL

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