Friday, October 05, 2012

october friday thoughts


To be honest, my life is still on pause one might say, not much is happening at all, taking one day at a time, waiting for test results - trying not to worry about the possibility that they won't show a darn thing and whatever is nondescriptly wrong with me will remain a mystery still. When all I want is the energy, concentration and inspiration to return, possibly with the help of a miracle pill, I desperately want to get rid of the reason for hazy whining, being able to get on with life and plans... - fiddling with yarn and actually reading a bit of fiction (which I suppose is somewhat of a small victory given the unwilling reading hiatus since a few years). Who knew this would be the situation in the life of me six and a half months ago when all this began?

Last week was a busy one, well at least from my current point of energy view, I think it left me quite exhausted thus this past week has been one of the slowest ever. Painfully inactive one might say. I'm hoping next week will be a better one, at least a couple of days with (reasonably) bubbly mood and sunshine. It is after all October now, my month. I want a bit of fun, uplifting stuff, inspiration and goodness, instead of the overwhelming amount lacklustre. Colourful shoes, nailpolish, bobbaloos - alas there's only that much perkiness they bring when the mood du many jour is overall lengthy blah.

One day at a time, forecast says plenty of sunshine tomorrow, my simple plan is to wear perky shoes - summer is over, bye bye Berlin bear, hallo heart slippers at home -, have breakfast in the city, buy some yarn, refuel on sunny vitamins, all while enjoying the company of the always excited bobbaloos. To keep it simple and undemanding, that's basically my plan for the weekend, what's yours?



Elephant's Child said...

Wonderful shoes, and wonderful plans for the weekend. When boring domestic duties are (mostly) out of the way I hope to play in the garden.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Pia

Love the shoes!! I do hope all will turn out well with your test results.

Take Care.

Tracy :)

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