Wednesday, October 03, 2012

little silly my details

the subconscious way i match things are sometimes hilarious. though borderline scary i suppose. or silly. or fun. or all at the same time.

i didn't know that the package of moomin patches also contained patches with little my. i spotted a little my patch in my instagram feed one day - i went green with envy - the next day it turned out i already had that
myself when i needed one for a blister.

and hey, the funniest thing, the slip cover for my public transportation card actually was the perfect match to the plaster. green and all.

these kinds of silly stuff happen all the time. is it the same for you?


Ulan News said...

love this post
because your article is very interesting to read

The Elephant's Child said...

I am consumed with envy about all your Moominalia. And a Little My patch would be a truly wonderful thing. Enjoy it.

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