Tuesday, October 30, 2012

on the last october tuesday

october stockholm

:: i woke up crazy early only to go have my renal artery checked. quite a surreal experience. as far as i could tell they could find nothing wrong. which is of course good, but i'm nowhere closer to get an answer to the annoying health status (seven months and counting).

:: i'm forever grateful i do not have to commute during morning rush hours every day.

:: got a soy latte - because i'm worth it.

:: another round of blood samples - they had to try three places before they got it this time. i guess that's better than the previous time's six places.

:: ice-cold winds and merciless rain may make stockholm look very pretty and romantic, but it sure is a nasty weather combo.

:: the lunch café was really nice, even if the food wasn't completely satisfying.

:: despite the nasty weather there were lots of dog spotting today. and cat cuddling on the home turf.

:: i missed the birthday-shoes delivery. but oh my am i excited about it taking place tomorrow instead.

:: it was a day perfect for "my day in frames" thus the irony of being too tired for it...

:: what happened to october? how can it be almost november already??



Angella said...

Had the absolute worst blood draw of my life a few weeks back, so am very empathetic. Hope your sore arms heal quickly. Also, what could be better than birthday shoes??!! I can't think of many? :)

The Elephant's Child said...

I so hope that your health issues are solved soon. It has been far too long.

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