Tuesday, October 23, 2012

my october tuesday

oct 23, 2012

When one haven't seen the sun for over a week it's pure joy to finally rekindle. During the day I did try and soak up a lot of it. A pity you can't bottle it and save for a glum day.

Everything become prettier in the sun, most things, Stockholm and its suburbs for sure.

oct 23, 2012

Hairdressing on the agenda. Colour, sprucing, pampering, good talks on life, living, choices, getting older. It was lovely.

And there were red shoes and awesome socks.

oct 23, 2012

Sourdough bread, great fika and cat cuddles.

Tiredness. Sleeping.

But most of all, sun, glorious sun. I wish you could come visit much more often.


Carol said...

Beautiful pictures and the red shoes socks/legs really are awesome.

Elephant's Child said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures and I could just feel the bliss of that cat's fur.

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