Thursday, October 18, 2012

i blog therefore i am


Cats, kittens, bobbaloos and shoes aside, I can't help but thinking about the plummeting of blog visitors/readers. No new followers. Not to mention comments. The latter two isn't a big deal, I've never really understood the follower thing and many blog readers are lurkers most of the time (including myself), but the fact that the regular visitor numbers have have halved (I kid you not) since winter/spring this year, THAT gets me thinking. About the reasons and why I blog and keep on blogging (seven years later).

I wrote a few words about it back in January. When a popular blogger complained about the lack of comments in her blog lately, which to be honest sounded both whiny and self-absorbed. I don't want to be whiny and self-absorbed like that, at least not when it comes to things like blogging. That's just plain ridiculous. Or is it?

I blog because I have to. There are so many words that need to come out of this head of mine. It's a good way to share, to practise, evolve your writing compared to scribbling your words and thoughts down in an old fashioned journal. A portfolio in a way.

But I'm also fully aware that I don't blog like I used to, I promise to write about this and that and then some but I never got around to it. And if I don't write about it within a week or so, inspiration fades and it all seem very uninteresting and old newsish.

I don't write long posts and reviews like I used to - and yes admittedly I'm guilty of thinking "why should I, with less and less readers anyway". Silly me - I lack the mojo. It may partly be a health thing, but partly I'm just uninspired (which, granted, may stem from the health thing). And as with most things in life, when feedback is missing, that in itself is a lack in motivation.

It may also be I kind of feel I lack time, but I guess in reality I just do other stuff, not necessarily more important or fulfilling stuff, I just chose differently than I used to.

I'm also fully aware that I very much do not read other blogs anymore, or very rarely. My feed reader is brimming with unread posts, which is more than a tad bit guilt inducing. Silly. Or is it? The idea of reciprocating comments just for the sake of it has always been outlandish to me. But when I read a good blog post that speaks to me (or my eyes) don't want to be a mere lurker. Though, in order to leave comments one must read blogs, and that, that I just don't do anymore. Or at least not right now. I may have to cleanse that reader, because feeling guilty for not reading blogs, that's not what it should be about. Life.

And perhaps, with plummeting visitor numbers and my own blog behaviour it's a universal thing, maybe  our blogging/reading habits have changed. Are we bored of the media (unless it's blogs about specific topics/interests) in general? Are lifestyle blogs, personal blogs uninteresting, uninspirational, out of fashion, are we moving on to something else?

I certainly know I tweet a lot, I say I prefer reading blogs, but to be honest, these days I so prefer Twitter. And Instagram. It's quick, unpretentious, to follow or unfollow isn't a big deal, loads of interesting information, links, clever people just a click away and you don't have to read lots and lots. I like to think I'm a fan of the Slow Movement, but I can't help but being seduced by the instant gratification that is information society. Instant information and feedback. I blame the smartphones for this. Partly great, partly they're just too absorbing, ridiculously so, in a way people have become more stupid than ever. They're just not present. They're absorbed by their smartphones. And I'm guilty of that too. Perhaps not as much as some, but too much to be quite comfortable about it.

Who'd known blogging could be considered slow movement? But I think in many ways it is, in a good way, at least the kind of blogging I like, longer posts, fabulous photos, thoughts, ideas, inspiration, glimpses into people's lifes, living, laughing, crying, sharing. I want my blogging mojo back!

Have you thought about this, the blogging, reading, commenting?
Has your habits changed?
Have your blogosphere's habits changed?


Unknown said...

I think blogging is great...reading them is good, but time does not always permit. We are a fast moving group, too many things to catch our interest at a given time! Keep up the good work, love the photos and the commentary....

Lisen said...

My blogging has decreased. It has never been very extensive, but still. And I defenately think that e.g Twitter is the reason to this. I'm not sure I like this result though. :) It's two different things, and I like them both and want to be able to keep focus on both!

Elephant's Child said...

Blogging uses up immense amounts of my time and energy. Posts use up a little of each, and reading and commenting a lot. I may have to rationalise it - but I do a lot of things to excess and blogging has opened up a new community for me. 746 followers seems and extrordinary number to me. Did many of them just pop up when you were a blog of note?

P.K said...

Lack of time and pesky life events often interfere with blogging. This influences how much time one has to read blogs. The lack of inspiration also is a factor. My blogging has decreased due to nasty bits of business and thus lack of inspiration. You also mention other media that are more immediate,. But no matter, one blogs on whenever time allows. I enjoy visiting your blog, and you should not be concerned about numbers.
I hope your health concerns will be soon resolved. All the best.

Growing Up Gramma said...

Oh, my, I understand completely! I just wrote my first post since July! Wy so long? Partly lack of inspiration, but mostly lack of time. Now that things have settled down a little perhaps more blog posts will appear. I know I'm going to have more inspiration, now that we are closer to family again. And the new grandson that is due soon should get the mind turning a bit. Yes, Twitter and Instagram are so much easier, but lack the details and well friendliness of blog. Don't you think?

Poppy Q said...

I think that things have changed in the blogging world Miss P. I think because everybody is giving it a go, and there are so many blogs out there, that many people are just lurking and not popping in so often.

For me, I would rather read shorter posts from friends, rather than long long posts once a month.

Julie Q

Unknown said...

Pia, I'm still here, too... But you can see how frequently I get around to blog reading, as this post is several weeks old. For me, it's difficult to comment and post on everything I see. In fact, I haven't blogged much lately, either. Mostly due to doing other things, really. I also make music, and find that some weeks it's all music, some weeks it's all crafting/blogging. So things come in waves for me. Music, specifically, requires immersion and ego listening and reviewing and editing and fixing and blah blah blah... So I become very self-absorbed for a few days. But I LOVE seeing you on twitter and fb (not much of a tweeter, but I do talk a lot on fb). So, don't give these things up. You have a lovely voice and presence here and in the world. We need you. :)

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