Tuesday, October 16, 2012

multitasking in yarn

yarny stuff

finished a lovely woolly blue green scarf on order. to be shipped later this week. hopefully reciever will be pleased.

one pair of magical wristwarmers down, one to go. then it's time to begin a pair of yellow lovikka mittens for same customer. since it's too soon for such mittens yet, touch wood i'm in no hurry with those. but i'm pleased i whipped together those wristwarmers in a very reasonable amount of time. hopefully reciever next week will be too.

now my knitting muscles are pretty sore though. thus i stick with continuing to crochet that looong scarf for a rather well-deserving self.

multitasking in yarn. while trying to supress the thoughts of all half-finished projects in yarn. which is a whole other story. in yarn.

what's your yarny business this autumn?
anything especially exciting?

1 comment:

madpiano said...

wow, they look gorgeous!!

I am knitting a handbag and then I have to start a scarf for DDs Xmas present.

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