Friday, October 12, 2012

october friday

apple in stockholm

a doctor's appointment that gave absolutely no answer at all to current health status. tests so far showed nothing abnormal. good in one way, crap in other.

crisp, cold, pretty weather in a pretty stockholm.

légumes mat

a crazy good vegetarian lunch - and crazily enough it was my first visit to said establishment (small unpretentious vegetarian place that's been around for ages). generous portions, good value, fresh, exquisite textures and flavours. new favourite!

walking. sleeping.

good fika.

happy socks and applegreen shoes. (the dull black/grey/navy/beige dress code of professional rush hour stockholm is simply pathetic and depressing. colours, folks, colours!!).

a supersized apple in stockholm.

ten shades of pink.

still fuming over the madness of the nobel peace prize laureate. it's pure and utter disgrace.

that said, hope you had a wonderful day and that the weekend will be even better!


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