Thursday, October 11, 2012

ten teas

ten teas

one thing i can honestly say i love about autumn is the there's always tea time feeling. myself i'm working my way through some of the teas i've bought the last six months. most of them in helsinki.

some truly delightful, others not nice at all plus some just dull.

from top left to right;

~ wij garden (which one day will have a blog post of its own) rose garden tea. haven't tried this yet. sure a good rose tea is lovely, but to be honest i'm rarely in the mood for it.

~ kobbs rabarberkalas (rhubarb party). this is heavenly! subtle yet pleasing rhubarb. heart.

~ forsman toffee tea. same brand as the wonderful liquorice tea, but this is far from as good. smells nice, lacks flavour.

~ äppelfabriken's äppelfröjd (apple joy). rooibos tea, which i'm generally not a fan of, with apple vanilla cardamom flavour. just like its name it's a joy to drink. new favourite!

~ five o'clock herbata gdanska. sweet and spicy tea with hints of chocolate from (surprise) gdansk. lovely.

~ nordqvist moomin tea little my. lemon flavour. non memorable but sweet package of course.

~ nordqvist summer fruits. smells heavenly but for my palate it's a non pleasing, bitter herb tea. good thing m loves it.

~ stockmann fruit tea. from posh helsinki department store stockmann, bought it as a souvenir - i prefer edible and/or useful ones - but it's quite bland and uninteresting.

~ ekberg tea toom tea. tea from a classic helsinki café - swedish name/last name meaning 'oak mountain' - just tea, no flavour and therefore not very interesting. i'd take yorkshire tea anyday over this.

~ nordqvist moomin tea "kämpa på!" (plug away!). blueberry muffin flavour, rather nice though one has to be supercareful not to let it brew too long then it gets a tang.

so, what will be your tea favourites this autumn?
any new blends?


Elephant's Child said...

This site might be worth a look - I haven't tried their teas yet but have heard nothing but good things about them.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Pia

I love Lychee Pomegranate from Amanzi Tea(a wonderful tea shop)!
You have a wonderful list--can I order these through the mail?

Have a GREAT weekend!

Tracy :)

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