Monday, October 08, 2012

every evening moment

since little loaf began demanding to be lifted up in the sofa -

which i so planned to get rid off when the kittens moved, but so far haven't since there never seem to be the 'perfect' one at the charity shop (i would of course never ever buy a new one, i can think of a gazillion better ways to spend money). what was once a decent sofa is now simply a very crappy sofa, but loved by cats and dog... -

(it all began when he had his health scare back in march - may, and probably felt it was comforting for poor plastic funnel loaf to share the warm sofa)

and especially these last couple of months, this is the most common view in da house. snuggly buddies. one definitely happier than the other. but still, one way or the other, this is how they end up every evening.



Anonymous said...

They're really adorable. I just can't stop watching them. It warms my heart.

Elephant's Child said...

That is a truly enchanting photo. And I know which of the two is happiest as well.

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