Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the girl in the cafe


one might think i was going to write about myself, but no, this will actually just be a short post about a few great, thoughtprovoking movies and tv-series (without links for blogger app reason, but you can easily look them up on imdb), well-played, political, heartbreaking and with glimmer of hope.

~ the girl in the cafe - with bill nighy, awesome as always.

~ burnt by the sun - russian, one of my favourite movies ever.

~ burn up - british tv-series about the ruthlessness of the oil industry.

~ criminal justice, season one - tv-series with brilliant, stunning acting with fantastic ben whishaw.

~ the lives of others - set in east berlin 1984, it captures the times and human nature eeringly well.

1 comment:

Shaharoh said...

I haven't seen any of those (yet) but Bill Nighy is an awesome actor so I'll definitely have to check out The Girl in the Cafe.

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