Wednesday, October 10, 2012

october wednesday

october 10 2012

grey skies.

using-up-vegetables-in-fridge-warm-potato-salad-with-halloumi. delicious.

vegan icecream. thumbs and paws up.

cats. loaf. bobbaloos.


admiring shoes.


painting door. first coat.

swearing over broken dishwasher.

how was your day?

october 10 2012


Unknown said...

Checking on stray cat in garage.
Keeping curious, cat-loving dog out of garage.
Trying to explain to stray cat that if he could accept the simple fact that dogs live in the world as equals he could come inside and get his chin scratched while he sleeps on my sofa.
Wondering why no one has responded to fliers/"found pet" ads posted about said cat.
Shopping for new shirt and boots.
Waiting for child one to come home from middle school.
Picking up child two from Kindergarten.
Checking to see if found-cat posters are still duct taped to telephone poles.
Surprise two hour visit from kindergarten classmate.
Unplanned dinner out at a cheapish family restaurant that is slowly going downhill.
Attempting to pick up every.tiny.piece.of.every.toy kindergartner owns and and threw on bedroom floor during friend visit.
Phone call from a best friend who is surprised and happy with new love.
Checking on stray cat in garage again.

Elephant's Child said...

A grey day (weather wise) as gentle rain fell. Fertiliser spread (chicken pooh) so a smelly day as well. Flowers and vegetables will benefit, and hopefully the rain will dissipate the smell quickly.

Carol said...

Your vegetable,warm potato salad gave me inspiration for lunch, no halloumi but still delicious.

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