Sunday, October 21, 2012

instawalk in stockholm

instawalk october 2012

the weekend was rounded off with an instawalk - a walk 'in group' snapping photos with the instagram app on a given route from start to destination - hosted by the fotografiska (photographical) museum in stockholm.

in general i don't do the group thing, but sometimes it's good to challenge yourself to do uncomfortable things and sometimes, just sometimes, they turn out more than alright. like today.

glum weather but fantastic colours and crisp light made for good photos. met a few tweeps (fellow twitter users) i hadn't met before, it wasn't awkward at all, only nice and comfortable. the walk from start down to the museum was lovely. at the museum they had a slideshow of some of the pictures taken (some plus hundred took the walk, snapping about 4000 pictures tagged with #instawalkfotografiska2 and #instawalkfotografiska - follow the tag on instagram and you can see them all. plus on gramfeed). not sure if the photos will be part of an exhibition in the future, but i hope so, there were some grand ones and most of them  very creative and personal.

what i regret most - and i don't think i'll ever be forgiven for it - is the sad fact that the bobbaloos that tagged along never got to pose on any of the actual instawalk photos... the fika afterwards most certainly did not make up for it.

i've put all my photos from the walk - and a few before and after the walk, since i wanted to fill the frames completely - in frames. a little autumn stockholm diary in snaps.

what do you think?
have you been to any instawalks?
did you enjoy, will you go again?

instawalk october 2012

instawalk october 2012

instawalk october 2012

instawalk october 2012


Elephant's Child said...

Very, very nice. Thank you.

Prixie said...

What an awesome idea. Some great pics there!

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