Sunday, November 30, 2014

chili-chocolate and fig-port mulled wine

swedish mulled wine

Since it's the first advent Sunday the seasonal bobbaloos thought we should to test these flavoured mulled wines (or glögg as we say in Sweden). Or rather one. I don't like neither figs nor port but enjoy chili and chocolate so we went for that one. I think it was quite lovely. With a strong aftertaste of chocolate it could have done with more chili for a greater oomf.

But to be quite honest, the bobbaloos have a bit of a drinking problem, so they only got to pose not drink. The problem is not of the kind you might think but of the drink-coffee-or-alcohol-and-there will-be-a-state-of-Gremlin. So I try to steer them away from those beverages. Even the lowest percentage of alcohol, as in this glühwein, turn them into more than a handful. And believe you me, a rampage consisting of small sized woollies isn't something you'd like to experience.

swedish mulled wine

From Swedish producer Dufvenkrooks this is low alcohol mulled wine available in supermarkets and grocery stores.

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DahnStarr said...

It is not often that I read a blog post and giggle out loud (I even woke the dog) but the thought of drunken rampaging Bobbaloos got to me. Thank goodness mine haven't found the wine in the fridge!

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