Friday, November 14, 2014

a vegan beanie

pia k stockholm knitted beanie

Some years ago I bought this beautiful acrylic yarn in order to make a blanket for Little Loaf. I never turned the yarn into that blanket. And Little Loaf darling is no more. It may be a beautiful looking yarn, but its still acrylic and I don't enjoy non-natural fibers for knitting and crocheting so it's just been biding its time.

Recently I took part in a little Pay It Forward-challenge which consists in doing something nice for five people and hopefully these random five will do something nice for another five each and so forth. I think it's a really lovely, simple little idea to spread goodness with!

I decided to knit one of my usual beanies - ie not the odd-cat-eared one - since the yarn is kind of magic, acrylic or not, to be a part of this challenge. And I think it turned out really lovely. The reason for it being made into something else than a doggie blanket, despite me not liking acrylic yarn, is that the beanie is meant for a vegan. And hardcore vegans don't use anything that has to do with animals ie that includes wool. I'm hoping the receiver will enjoy it when we meet next week. And I also hope the person in question doesn't read this blog. If so, look away, look away, forget you ever saw this!

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