Wednesday, November 12, 2014

dress cardigan shoes

dress - cardigan - shoes

Sometimes you just KNOW that really comfortable dress on serious sale will go SO very well with that old cardigan.

And finding the perfect shoes for an outfit in question is never, hrm, an issue in this residence...

I'm glad to say I was spot on correct in my knowing this time.

Also, this IS the perfect clothes combination; a good dress + a decent cardigan + great shoes. Works all year around and few, very few, are the occasions when you would be over- or underdressed. And it's oh so darn comfortable too.

What's your perfect outfit combo?

dress - cardigan - shoes

Dress: Marimekko
Cardigan: Bric a Brac Stockholm - old blogpost about the shop
Shoes: El Naturalista Dome maryjanes - old blogpost about them

1 comment:

Poppy Q said...

Oh I love your sense of style and colour Miss Pia. I think you need to show more outfits. I'm so jealous.

I'm more a jeans/trousers, cardi girl.

miss pops looks good in fur.

Julie Q

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