Sunday, November 02, 2014

pink and green lovikka mittens to be

pink and green

I know, there've been a lot of yarn-related post lately, but it's that time of the year. And with a long summer without any knitting or crocheting I'm a bit overwhelmed by the delightful sight of yarn and everything you can knit with it.

Yes I need to become better at actually finishing yarn projects, but really, sometimes you simply can't resist a little purchase of something spectacular. And whilst I didn't buy everything irresistable in the yarn shop last Friday I did get this. Lovikka yarn from another brand than the one I usually buy from, in a perfect green hue AND a magenta pink/cerise too.

I have a couple of wristwarmers to finish to order, but after that I will be making myself two pairs of Lovikka mittens. Because I'm worth it. And because you can't have too many Lovikka mittens. Or so I tell myself. It's a way to survive the Scandinavian winter, knit and wear a lot of colours. Funny how very often the answer to a question is colour.

The colour hues are very much like the yarn I bought before Christmas 2011 - they were turned into two caps. In other words, these mittens already have their perfect woolly match waiting for them when the weather turns cold.

How's your yarn project/s of 2014 going so far?

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