Thursday, November 27, 2014

mac rebel nailpolish

mac rebel

Using nailpolish is a very regular thing for me since a few years. And since then my nailpolish wardrobe has grown - the pink office nailpolish shelf is a wee bit more filled than back in 2012... - but to be honest (really) I pretty much use the ones I already have rather than oogling and buying new ones.

Although, when you're looking for a quick and affordable treat with colour oomf a good nailpolish is the perfect thing. This is my first nailpolish from M.A.C - and possibly my only since the information I had that their products are not subject to animal testing seems to be so-so. How quickly things change... - and it's in a lovely unusual shade of winered meets purple. And its name is Rebel. Which of course is an awesome name. The quality seems good, too bad about the animal-testing-part. As that so very clearly is in no way necessary for any beauty-product to be subjected too.

What are your favourite vegan nailpolish of good quality?

mac rebel

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