Tuesday, November 04, 2014

the one who has the power to change the weather is you

ågot alnwick

Behold the face and the look of someone who clearly thinks I alone have the power to change this dull-even-for-cats-weather. Sadly I don't.

But I know that +11C degrees in November in Sweden isn't by any means okey. And if I had the power alone to stop climate change and people's immense stupidity, ignorance and heartlessness I would a) make every single one become vegetarian or vegan - because needless to say the meat/dairy industry and animal flesh eating is one major cause of climate change. And violence breeds violence while compassionate, kind choices breeds kindness - and

b) I would make people stop using their cars as much as they needlessly do - come on people, you don't need a car to get you everywhere all the time and you certainly don't need to be alone in your car, carpooling is da thing. And guess what, walking, cycling and using public transportation is good both for the health and the environment. Plus it does good for the wallet - and

c) I would put a ban on consumerism and the endless hunt for far too cheap products - because this planet can't do with more bad quality, short-lived stuff being produced, bought, used for a while then thrown away. And it's so very obvious that somewhere down the production chain of cheap products neither the environment nor the people are treated fairly.

If I had the power over the environment alone I would do that. But sorry, littlest kitty, I don't, the weather I can't control but the amount of food and cuddles I can. I hope that is satisfying enough for you and you paw friends?

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