Thursday, November 06, 2014

first snow 2014

first snow 2014

Exactly a month earlier than last year, and a lot less impressive than in 2012, today was the first day of snow for this winter season. It was sadly neither a pretty nor pleasant experience.

It's not often I find that I've put on too little clothing, but today I did. I wouldn't have minded those cosy bloomers and a quite not so delicate dress on top.

soy latte with a view

On the plus side on this gloomy, cold, wet day was an interesting breakfast seminar about email marketing trends (more of later), good solo fika moments, a lovely vegetarian lunch at a favourite place and a much needed pampering session at the hairdresser.

vegetarian lunch stockholm

Conclusion, apart from the weather (which tends to cover the world and mind like a big wet, uninspiring blanket these days) it was quite a fine day, that was rounded of with some good (I hope) job news (initially for next week, but I hope it's a trend that keeps on giving). Peace.


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