Tuesday, November 11, 2014

green pea vegan soup

vegan pea soup

Behold the greenest and simplest of soups - creamy vegan pea soup made from frozen, thawed peas and Oatly oats milk only. Plus salt and spices obviously. I love when cooking can be made that simple and still with an absolutely delicious, healthy and filling end result.

No time for the more laboursome pumpkin soup yet, but there will be. Soon.

And one day I will blog more extensively about the fabulous Swedish brand Oatly which produces excellent healthy, vegan options to cows' milk and other dairy products - these products are made for humans not cow babies - made from oats. They have grand packaging with cocky copywriting (which I adore, it's very much in the same style as innocent smoothies...) and with that the've managed to enrage the horrific dairy industry so much - with slogans such as "Welcome to the post milk society" - that they've in fact been sued for their marketing. Go Oatly!

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What's your favourite vegetarian/vegan soup?

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DahnStarr said...

I too love pumpkin soup and make it myself as well. To save time I wash the pumpkin and then put the whole thing, uncut, into the oven and bake it until it is fork tender. Once cool I cut it in half, clean out the "guts", and then scoop out the lovely cooked "meat". I should say it doesn't necessarily save time due to the cooking but it is easy.

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