Monday, December 15, 2014

superfood, the book

superfood book

This is a book I'd never heard of. By a writer I'd never heard of. John Opsahl, a Norwegian lifestyle coach, is supposedly the leading expert on superfood in Scandinavia. Call yourself an expert and I'm immediately very sceptical. That said, the book (which I got from mum) "Supermat - läkande mat från naturens hjärta" (Superfood - healing food from the heart of nature) is quite interesting.

I see it more as an encyclopedia of fascinating natural ingredients jampacked with nutrition and healing qualities rather than a book I will read from beginning to end. And the tone of the book is *quite* preaching, which is *rather* off-putting imho. But it also deals with the sad fact that so many people abuse both their own bodies as well as the nature around us with the food they eat - hey, meat eaters, fast food- and sugar lovers I'm looking at you!

superfood book

And it's about high time we talk about how important it is for parents to be responsible with the food they let their children eat. Especially in the Western world. The above passage is from the book, it's a very matter of fact put fact that is *rather* taboo to talk about -

"I find it very provoking that we, despite all the information about food and health today, continue to put our children in danger of lifestyle diseases, allergies, behavioral imbalances and food addiction by feeding them nutrient-poor and unhealthy food. We must stop projecting our own food addictions on our children in order to justify ourselves."


The book also contains a generous recipe section with mouthwatering food, rawfood. Unfortunately I think the recipes hold too many ingredients that are not available in well-stocked supermarkets, you have to look for them in speciality shops. And I always find that a bit tricky. I'm all for not buying super cheap stuff, but quality and organic, but I'm not keen on running around town to get the stuff only to find I really didn't enjoy it. Waste of time, money and food. Plus I'm allergic to when people companies authors try to push their own food brand (in this case it's called Supernature) with sneaking them into the recipes.

I understand that superfood en masse may not be something easy available in your local grocery store, but still I would appreciate more basic ingredients for such recipes. After all, all vegetables are good ones and good oils, nuts, herbs, seasoning and such are always within easy buy for most of us. You don't always have to complicate things you know. And sometimes common sense is a very good thing.

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